Yosi Taguri

Co-founder & CTO, Yallo

Product: Yallo
Enhances the traditional phone call with features including roaming via wifi, call recording, call captioning, transcription
Vertical: Telecoms
Tags: Mobile App, Cloud, VoIP
Stage: Launched
Co-founders: Tal Elyashiv
Location: Israel/Silicon Valley

Born and raised in Ashkelon, Israel. Started developing software at the age of 11. Served 8.5 years in Israeli military. Worked at Microsoft from 2003-2007. First company, FiddMe, a food-based social network, started in 2009. Nudged out by Foodspotting. Serial-entrepreneur, founded 4+ companies. Began Yallo iOS app in 2012.
Every week I check back on my last week to see whether I enjoyed it. If I didn’t, that’s a red flag. We live very short lives so I don’t want to look back on the way out and say, oh I should have done this or that.
My motto is not to lie to myself because we’re the best lying machines ever invented. We say to ourselves one day I’ll have more money, I’ll have more time. Money is a side-effect of something you really, really like to do.
Dr. Yossi Vardi (creator of ICQ) invested in my first company. He just wanted to give me a chance and to this day I owe him. Not a lot of people give first timers a chance with their own money. His pearl of wisdom is, “The number of failures for any entrepreneurs is finite. Eventually you won’t fail.”
The telecoms space hadn’t changed in decades so we said, this is a good place to start disruption. Yallo is a new kind of telecoms operator. Nothing has changed in the last 20 years and we thought, what if you had the power of the internet? How can we enhance the call experience? We’re bringing voice back, based on data. And we’re running everything in the cloud — we don’t have any physical servers that need to be managed. It works seamlessly across devices and operators.

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