Offir Gutelzon

CEO, Keepy

“Keepy’s an Evernote for memories in intersection with”

A solution for parents to save and organize kids’ artwork, schoolwork and mementos
Vertical: Productivity, Lifestyle
Tags: Mobile Apps, Scrapbook, Photo, Video, Children, Family
Stage: Launched September 2013 (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire)
Location: Mountain View, CA
Investors: include Ben Ling (Khosla Ventures), Winkelvoss Capital, Yaron Galai (Outbrain)

Born and raised in Israel. Studied at Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) Herzliya. Sold first company, Picscout, to Getty Images in 2011 and joined the firm in New York City. Father of 2. Started Keepy in 2013 inspired by the artwork his 5 year-old brought home from school.
Entrepreneurship is for life. It’s really hard to go back once you’ve become a first-time entrepreneur.
Luck will hit you only if you keep moving. If you stay in the same place, then it won’t strike.
Steve Jobs, Nir Eyal, author of “Hooked”

Michael Fertik

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