Donna Griffit


Product: invisu
Wizard for entrepreneurs to create dynamic one-pagers to present to investors
Vertical: Productivity
Tags: Communication, Investment Tools, Startup Resource
Stage: Soft launch
Funding: $100K in microfunding
Co-founders: Jonathan Griffit, Ronnen Edry
Location: Sunnyvale, CA

U.S.-born; moved to Israel aged 11 and has lived and worked between the two. MA in Drama Therapy from NYU. Corporate Storyteller for over a decade. Started in 2014 to automate investor one-pagers.
Never follow the straight and narrow — zigzag is longer but so much more fun!
“Of course I’m an optimist! I don’t see much point in being anything else!”
— Sir Winston Churchill

“Aut viam inveniam aut faciam – I shall either find a way or make a way!”
— Seneca

My husband and co-founder Jonathan, who’s been doing this since the age of 19 and who believes in me and coaches me through it. It’s amazing working together!

All the women entrepreneurs out there every day showing everyone that you can be a woman, an entrepreneur, a leader, a mother, a wife and a human being!

I was working with startups on their investor materials and helped dozens of startups and VCs to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. The demand grew and grew and I couldn’t keep up with it. Co-founders knew they were wasting hundreds of hours writing their pitches and one pagers and were willing to pay me to cut this down to two hours with great results. We wanted to create a tool that would allow them to do it for themselves and then solve the much bigger problem of communication between startups and investors, cutting through the noise for both sides.


I’ve worked as a Corporate Storyteller for over a decade with Fortune 500 companies and startups in a wide variety of industries. I’ve consulted and trained clients in over 30 countries, helping them create, edit and deliver verbal and written presentations, pitches and messages. I have a knack for spinning raw data into compelling stories that captivate audiences and drive to results. Through my guidance clients have raised hundreds of millions of dollars.

Loving the limelight

This all started because of my passion for theater and acting. I was a born ham! But from a young age I knew that just being an actress was not enough — neither for the soul, nor for the bank. I needed to leverage my talent and passion into a place that makes a difference in other people’s lives and feeds my acting hunger. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have been able to do so.

invisu – a DIY tool

invisu was created based on my methodology. It guides entrepreneurs through the challenging process of telling their story to investors in a clear, concise manner, one that gets them the meetings they need. It’s been featured in a video on Google’s YouTube Developer Channel as a recommended tool for writing one-pagers. invisu was also recently featured on as one of 10 Israeli startups to watch​​.

The output is sleek, dynamic and responsive on any mobile device. Additionally, they can track their investor engagement on a unique dashboard, helping them better manage their fundraising efforts. But this is only the first step – at invisu we have big plans to be the all-in-one investment marketplace that facilitates everything investors need to source and close the right deals at the right time.

We raised $100K of Microfunding for our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). Our product is soft launched, with 1000 users around the world including some paying customers. We have partnered with Google Launchpad which is offering us as a special deal for the startups enrolled in their exclusive program. We recently relocated to Silicon Valley to ramp up for our launch and fundraising efforts.

Home life

I have the most delicious 2 year-old, Lily. She is my joy, my motivation and my greatest accomplishment. I am doing this to be an example for her, to give her a great life and one that I can be very involved in!

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