Deepa Subramanian

CEO, Wootric

Product: Wootric
A turnkey customer feedback tool
Vertical: Customer Feedback
Tags: SaaS, Marketing, Growth, Net Promoter Score, Branding, Communication, Relationships, Dashboard
Co-founder: Jessica Pfeifer
Stage: Launched in August, 2014
Investment: Raised seed round (institutional funding sources)
Based: San Francisco, CA

Born in Bangalore, schooled in India, came to the U.S. to study Computer Science and Physics at Smith College. First job after graduating was as a software engineer at a very early stage startup during the dot com boom. Got laid off and had one week to find a new job. Joined as 10th or 11th engineer. Wrote a strategic voting tool during 2000 Bush-Gore election which was shut down by the California Secretary of State. Prompted decision to study Law at Harvard. Worked at a law firm then went on to co-found Schmendricks, a San Francisco-based bagel company in 2011. Closed two years later and moved on to start Wootric.
I wouldn’t be here without my husband. He’s a general partner at a top tier Silicon Valley firm, and the kind of wisdom I have access to on a day-to-day basis almost gives me an unfair advantage. It’s not as easy as me raising money from his fund but it’s definitely helpful to have him at my side.

As for influencers — typically Steve Jobs, he’s everyone’s personal hero, although I don’t want to run a company like Apple. Warren Buffett is the kind of leader I aspire to be — he’s humble, effective and makes money for his customers. In terms of female role models, Padmasree Warrior, the former Chief Technology & Strategy Officer at Cisco. She’s a very powerful woman but very humble and successful at what she does.

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